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“For over 60 years all sites have achieved and maintained the highest levels of technical expertise and innovative solutions”
Key Personnel
Stuart McSheehy
Managing Director, based in London
Mike Gibbs
Managing Director, based in Cornwall
Linked to our present capacity of producing more than 3,000,000 components per hour, this has enhanced our reputation worldwide.
Our success is assured by continuous investment in both the very latest machinery and technology, working together with our professional and dedicated staff.
This solid 60 year foundation of achievement allows us now to look forward to the future with great confidence. We will continue our planned expansion without abandoning our belief in offering the highest level of dedicated and personal service.
Both our philosophy and application of manufacturing excellence will ensure that we deliver a total product. This means that parts are supplied to the highest standards of quality on time.
ISO 9001
FM 13994
European Springs & Pressings, established in 1948, encompasses two dynamic manufacturing facilities in London and Cornwall, whilst also incorporating a stocking facility in Elland, Yorkshire for the supply of our standard stock and gas springs.
Our philosophy is combining both technology and quality, supported by personal service to the very highest level of integrity. This allows us to continually meet the ever-changing requirements of both our customers and the market we operate in.
For over 60 years our two sites have achieved and maintained both the highest levels of technical expertise and
innovative solutions allowing us to design, develop and manufacture high quality products to meet our customers’ needs.

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